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bochelly replied to your post: HEY GUYS LOOK AT MY BACK :D :D This wa…

AMAZING! What does it say?

I have given most people completely different explanations because the translation sounds so stupid.

It says avo naegro, avo dhrego, literally “don’t harm, don’t flee” in Sindarin. I really wanted “do no harm, take no shit” tattooed and I also really wanted some elvish tattooed, but translation is hard and translation into incomplete constructed languages is even harder, and for some ridiculous reason I didn’t want to just use tengwar for English so here we are. Do no harm but don’t back down, I guess.

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This was a few hours after, it’s now trying to scab.

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Day 508. Kanto 120 - 121 by Cryptid-Creations

I don’t know about everyone else, but I always thought Staryu and Starmie looked pretty non-organic.

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Phelsuma Klemmeri()

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tumblrcon would be such a bad idea it would be like 75% scary superwholocks probably

sorry i think you misspelt brilliant

nah its a terrible idea have you seen superwholocks they are terrifying

What do you mean, terrifying? *Drinks salt*

what the fuck

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Pokémon Reorchestrated.
by Franz Anthony.

Check out the artist’s Tumblr.

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An eerie-looking (Lesser) Sooty Owl.

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of Cayo

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Norway has just emerged as a challenger for Japan’s title as Masters of Awesome Cuteness. These photos were taken on the set of “Piip-Show”, a live reality tv show following the lives of a cast comprised of wild birds and the occasional squirrel. Conceived by Norwegian freelance photographer Magne Klann, the show takes place on a set which is an outdoor bird feeder modeled after Java, a well-known coffee shop in Oslo, Norway.

“Different personalities meet inside the bar. Among others a short tempered nuthatch, a blue tit with the memory of a gold fish, a happy-go-lucky great tit, and a depressed bullfinch. Like in any other bar there is bickering, petty theft, fighting and attempts at romance”.

We can’t help but try to pair these animals with various cast members from Seinfeld.

Billed as the very first reality show for birds, the “Piip-Show" is a three-month-long project that’s being broadcast live on the Norwegian broadcasting network NRK.

Click here to watch the “Piip-Show” online

[via Junkculture]

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They’re making Hannibal evil… I shoulda seen this coming but still…

I was hoping he’d be an anti-hero at least. :(